To deliver, supply, installation, testing and commissioning, modernization, upgrading,
refurbishment, repair, service and maintenance of elevators and escalators for all brands.

About DNDT

Suzhou Dongnan Elevator (Group) Co., Ltd.


DNDT-Suzhou Dongnan Elevator Co., Ltd. locates in Suzhou Industrial Park, the most active economic development area in China, only 100km away from Shanghai.


Founded in Suzhou, China on 1995, it is a groups that involved in the business for the elevator and escalator Research & Development (R&D), elevator and escalator manufacturing, local and versea new sales, installation and maintenance of elevators and escalator in China.

Suzhou Dongnan Elevator (Group) Co., Ltd., its sets up branches in big-middle cities around China. DNDT offers a comprehensive range of products, such as hydraulic elevator, special levator, home lift, traction elevator and escalator.

DNDT's Hydraulic Elevator Plant (with core business being vertical elevators, total land area being 15,000m²), Suzhou Jiefu elevator Co., Ltd. (with core business being auto family parking system) and an elevator installation company and branches with sales activities in many big cities of China.

Based with complete manufacture permission system, and ISO9001:2000 quality certificate, issue by the certificate center of China Export-Import Merchandise test company (CCIC) and the "UKAS", and all products comply with China code GB7588-2003 and European standard EN-81. DNDT takes the way of Named Brands strategy. The series products includes Delco traction elevator, DNDT hydraulic elevator, DNDT special elevator, DNDT escalator and passenger onveyor, Ideal parking garage device and Duomeishi Home lift (it occupied an area of 50,000m²and hold professional personnel).


Technology on traction elevator is introduced from DELCO traction elevator. This new product dopts Permanent Magnet Synchronous gearless machine, with the strongest, smooth, omfortable, economic and useful, and becomes to be the best choice for building such as enter business district (CBD), financial center, hotels and residence.


DNDT continue innovate and develop the technology of hydraulic elevators. And DNDT have ozens of certificates and technical licenses and being a high tech company based in Suzhou and one of the top ten private-owned enterprises in Suzhou Industrial Parks.